(Italian) Shh, silenzio.

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Dlin dlon

“Invece del campanello“ (“Instead of the doorbell”) is a book written by Beppe Finessi. In this book, the Author explores a project made by Bruno Munari and Davide Mosconi. Why should a doorbell make the same sound for anyone? For instance, we can design a...

Work song

I really like travelling. I like to look at people, to try what they eat, to do shopping in their markets, to listen to their languages even if it is incomprehensible. Then, I took pictures and I record soundscapes to have some souvenirs. Sometimes I’m lucky, like in this...

The sound of productivity

The sound of work and productivity from a bank’s point of view. Filmmaker: Emanuele Crialese.

Amplifying your sight

This example shows a different point of view through listening, as a way to aestheticize the surrounded world. The soundscape of the walking city is felt as noisy and harmful and we try to defend our ears wearing headphones. In this commercial, the musical immagination begins by...

Silent instruments

Recently, some companies are starting to pay attention to their products’ acoustic performances, reducing noise and loud sounds. I hope in a mass production of low cost and silent home appliances, because silence cannot be sold as  a luxurious item. Here are some examples...

Playing the product

An object can acquire several functions, including the main one. For instance, it can be transformed into a musical instrument, entertaining the consumers. Here are some examples to make music by playing the product:      

Kitchen’s soundscape

The domestic soundscape is a concert that charmed the “genial inventor” John Cage in Living Room Music (1940). Following John Cage, Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson didn’t stop in the living room but spread themselves to the whole apartment in Music for one apartment...

Silent water

Between 1929 and 1933 the  Paimio Tuberculosis Sanatorium has been built based on Alvar Aalto‘s project. The project was based on contemporaneous medical views: Alvar Aalto paid special attention to the psychological requirements of the patient lying on his/her bed. For...