Eugenia Laghezza

I have always thought that to mix enriches one’s life and mind. I have experienced this in my daily life and in my studies. I started to study music when I was 5 years old and I got my diploma in piano in 1997. After the high school (Liceo Classico, 60/60), in 1998 I moved to Milan to study Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan. Music and Architecture are my passions, which I combined them in my MA thesis on soundscape design, that is: an attempt to merge architectural design and sound design (2004, 100 summa cum laude). In 2005 I got a scholarship to attend a master course in I-Design at Domus Academy in Milan. Then, in 2006 a fantastic encounter took me to Sweden. I lived in Scandinavia for two years, traveling and working as architect and lecturer (at the University of Copenhagen2007-2008). Since I came back to Italy I have mainly worked as architect and lecturer in soundscape design (at Naba, Milano, 2009-2013). 

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Nicola Laghezza

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