Client: Comune di Malmö / Malmö Stad
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Malmö, 2008.

While I was living in Sweden, I took part of a research project called “Spontan Lab”, financed by the Municipality of Malmö. The research team included Adam Arvidsson, Daniel Tjäder, Karina Rømer, Lina Johansson, Albin Balthasar and me.

Our research and project team have been asked by the Municipality of Malmö to come up with alternative policy suggestions for sustainable creative development. One of the ways we wanted to try to arrive at such suggestions was through a three-day collaborative event. The event took place at Stpln-Stapelbädden, in a former factory of Malmö, ex-shipyards, during 6-8 May 2008.

Together with Lina Johansson I’ve been in charge for the event design and, alone, for the interior design. We involved local creatives (graphic designers, street artists, set-design students, product designers, etc.) as much as possible. I designed a master plan and they helped me to set up the scenographies, to decorate the walls, to design and to make recycled lamps, to make original art installations.
It was a pleasure as well as a very enriching experience to work with young creatives from Malmö.

Thanks to: Christoffer Nordholm, Kalle Larsson, “We are free artists outside”, Daniel Scott (GrinAid), Anna Carlsson, Moa Björnson, Viktor Pålsson, Paul Rosch, Mathias Fredriksson, Maurizio Splendore, Oyuki Matsumoto.